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LNG Import & Retail

Away from traditional pipelines

Road or Rail Access

Traditional pipelines have a high capital cost and is usually only viable to those who consume high volumes. Building the infrastructure also takes time and it frequently encounter “right-of-way” and squatting issues. Virtual pipeline makes it possible to deliver LNG anywhere with road or rail access. The parcels can also be delivered in much smaller quantities, making it economically feasible to serve retail demands.

Virtual pipeline makes it possible to deliver LNG anywhere with road or rail access

We take LNG directly to downstream retail customers

LNG Easy has applied for LNG import and distribution licences in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Vietnam.

LNG Easy (Private) Limited, Pakistan

Even though gas has been an important part of Pakistan’s economic life (29% in the national energy mix), only about 20% of Pakistan is connected to the transmission and distribution grid, which has limited capacity until the new North South Pipeline is built. Liquid distribution can be a meaningful additional to the gas network.

LNG Easy Bangla Limited, Bangladesh

Bangladesh is divided by Meghna river into Eastern part and Western part. The Western part has limited gas infrastructure which uses predominantly LPG and other liquid fuel. LNG Easy will focus to serve general population on the Western part.

LNG Easy (Vietnam) Pte. Ltd

Vietnam currently imports liquid fuels through small scale terminals with limited storage and has limited gas pipeline infrastructure. LNG Easy will use our own technology to develop the retail market in Vietnam to compliment CNG and other liquid fuels. Having secured LNG investment license, we are working to set up the supply chain to land LNG.