LNG Easy eyeing virtual pipeline development in Pakistan

LNG Easy, a unit of LNG Easy Singapore, is eyeing the development of Pakistan’s first-ever virtual LNG pipeline.

Courtesy of LNG Easy

LNG Easy said in its statement that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with Karachi Port, Pakistan Railways and an international oil company.

Under the memorandum of understanding, Karachi Port will allot fitting berths for the virtual pipeline project. It will also make arrangements for the transportation of LNG via ISO tanks via Pakistan Railways infrastructure.

LNG Easy is responsible for re-gasifying the liquified natural gas (LNG) at customers’ site and providing gas storage units.

The logistic concept involves the use of LNG Easy’s Mobile Filling Platform (MFP) as the floating jetty to import LNG, which will be transported to the end users using ISO containers.

LNG Easy Singapore has previously deployed its MFP technology in Myanmar and other markets.

The company provides and operates small-scale LNG infrastructure for clients as well as doing virtual pipeline distribution of LNG by itself.


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