Our vision and our goal


Who We Are

Incubator for new technologies, new technical solutions and new business models for LNG

LNG Easy Pte Ltd was formed in August 2016 by veterans in shipping and offshore oil & gas to act as incubator for new technology, new technical solution and new business model in LNG supply chain, LNG liquid distribution, LNG shipping and bio-fuel business.

LNG supply chain: MFP floating jetty, ship-to-truck filling skid, subsea LNG line installation.

LNG liquid distribution: getting fully licenced to import LNG and distribute by truck in a selected number of developing countries.

LNG shipping – M-flex and M-Max design using Bastion B containment system.

Bio-LNG in a few developing countries rich in feedstock.

the key to success

Our central competence

We can land LNG in most protected, shallow-drafted locations in less than 6 months.

our MFP floating jetty concept can deliver low-cost, fast-track supply chain operations for small demand centers worldwide

LNG Easy invented the MFP™ floating jetty concept and has proven it in Myanmar, and now in the process of applying this technology and its enhancements (MFP-S and MFP-SR) in many locations across the globe, sometimes as infrastructure solution provider, sometimes as importer and retail distributor ourselves in selected markets.

Our mission

Fill the gap in small scale LNG procurement & supply chain

Build the ecosystem to allow LNG to be consumed by small B2B and B2C sector

We designed and built the world’s first Mobile Filling Pontoon in Singapore

 The MFP is able to receive LNG and breakbulk on liquid-to-liquid basis