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We are veterans in offshore oil & gas and shipping

1 Billion retail customers in South & South East Asia

One step beyond the supply chain, directly into demand creation

LNG is safer than natural gas, CNG, LPG and diesel

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LNG Easy is the first company to export LNG by road from Singapore to Malaysia. We designed and built the world’s first Mobile Filling Pontoon (MFP)™ in Singapore to receive LNG and breakbulk on liquid-to-liquid basis.

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We are veterans in offshore oil & gas and shipping who spent countless engineering hours to study retail LNG ecosystem in China.

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The Team

Mr. He Yi Yong

Founder / CEO

Mr. Hans Jacob Hvide

Founder / CTO / Chairman

Yasir Hamid

CEO & Co Partner LNG EASY Pvt Ltd Pakistan

Capt. Nandar Lin

Marine Manager

Erik He

Project Engineer

Odessa Dacmay

Chief Analyst

LNG is a way to monetize natural gas

Immediate abatement of GHG from coal replacement (50%), oil replacement (25%) and LPG replacement (16%). In addition, LNG reduces local polluters such as NOx, SOx and PMx by a very great extent compared to using other fossil fuels.